The 3 C’s that hold you back

Life seems like never enough for many people.  We have an instant window into the lives of our peers, family and friends  24/7  through social media. We are able to see their vacations, personal family time, recreational activities, jobs, social life and even the intimate life of dating, etc  We then find ourselves comparing our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.  This newer generation is exposed to seeing more than we are really supposed to see. Without even realizing it, this creates a sense in them that they are not enough.  Not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not worldly enough. Not doing enough. Not good enough. It’s never enough.  They want to be like them.  Instead of who they were meant to be.  They can fall into a trap of the 3 C’s.

Comparing, Competing and Criticizing.

Why do so many women and girls and even the guys get so caught up in competing with one another, comparing themselves to each other and ultimately criticizing each other?  It is an easy trap to fall into.  I fell into that trap, without the influence of social media, during my teens and even up until my 30’s when I started the process of raising my children and when I launched my business. Ultimately I learned that their path was not my path.

But what I know now, is the truth, that these 3 C’s hold us back from being who God created us to be:  unique individuals with special gifts and a path all our own.  If we compare our lives to others around us, we no-doubt try to become like them.  If we compete with those around us, we can never settle for what God has already blessed us with.   If we criticize those around us, our peers, neighbors, friends or family, we criticize the work that God is trying to do in that person.

Of course, there are the positive aspects to learning and growing through healthy feedback and critiquing so that person can change and learn for the better and grow from that.  There is also healthy competition when it is to benefit someone for a good cause. And there are positive comparisons when you have a mentor in your life to look up to. This person helps you to grow and become a better version of yourself.  Unfortunately, many times, the positive side of the 3 C’s are often overlooked and turned into a negative process instead.

This is true most especially for the teens who are already under so much pressure to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives as they start the college search.

If I could just say one thing to this younger generation, it would be to look inside your own soul to find out who you are.  Find out what makes you happy, what sets you on fire, not what makes everyone else happy on social media. Find a mentor in an area that you are interested in and reach out to them. But more importantly, have faith that God is working in your life. You just have to be patient, listen and open the door to Him.

Be the best YOU, that YOU can be.





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