Just not my cup of tea

It is my great procrastination.  When I don’t feel like working, it has me heading back down to the kitchen. I used to be a coffee junkie, but it has climbed the ladder to beat my old coffee addiction hands down. It has calmed nerves during stressful times, kept me hydrated when I forgot to hydrate.  It’s with me when I am mom taxi driver around town. When I am in a funk and can’t seem to get my thinking cap on straight, it comes to my rescue every time.

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Tea blog 2-5-16-16

It is the perfect friend. It listens to all my deep conversations with my girl friends. When I feel chilled, it warms me from the inside out. As I write this on yet another damp dreary rainy New England morning, you bet it’s right here along side of me.

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Yes,  did I say I was a coffee junkie.  At least 4 cups a day.  I couldn’t imagine my life without coffee, I would go to bed thinking about the aroma of my cup of coffee the next morning.    But as my health and well-being came crashing down upon my head, back in 2011, I had to kiss Mr. Coffee goodbye.  It was a sad and difficult departure, but it didn’t take long before my next addiction came running through my door.

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Tea.  Herbal Tea in particular. Well, to take it one step further, my real love lies with Chai.  It is not just a cup of tea, it has grown to become my saving grace. Not just during difficult times but on a daily basis.  It is my go-to, my simple pleasure in life.  Tea is so very versatile.  It helps to break the ice with guests, “would you like a cup of tea?”  I say, then, you know that some good conversation will come next.  It’s a good lead way into any conversation. It is also a treasured gift from friend who knows you well.

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Honey, would you like a cup of tea?  Speaking of honey, for me, a good cup of tea must always come with a spot of honey.  They go together like sugar and cream.

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There is a wonderful farmers market in the lovely village of Woodstock, VT, that I often visit on some recent trips there.  My first stop is the tea section to scour the shelves for the Rooibos Chai by the Vermont Tea and Trading Co.  The aroma of the chai tea and spices is just my perfect combination for a cup of heaven.

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Luckily, when on the go,  I don’t have to worry too much because there are other favorite stops locally where I can tend to my Chai addiction, to include Bonhoeffers Café, The Riverwalk, A&E Coffee Roastery, The Cozy Tea Cart and even Starbucks has a favorite of mine, the Chai Latte.  Yet even fancier, the Oprah Chai Latte.  Even Oprah knows how to fuel my addiction.

My family may think I am crazy, not only because of my overfull tea cabinet, but you will often find a small bag full of tea bags in my purse.  If I find myself at a place where they don’t carry my cup of tea, you bet I am diggin’ in my purse and then asking for a cup of hot water!   The way I look at it, if it’s just the little things in life that make you happy, then why not go for it, as kooky as one may seem.

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Tea blog 2-5-16-14

So goodbye Mr Coffee and hello Mr Chai.  Dunkin Donuts you are just not my cup of tea anymore.

Yours truly,




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