Don’t drop the ball on this…

Don’t drop the ball on this…

the first thing anyone does before they decide to do business with you is this…

Now more than ever in this internet age we are in, your prospective clients will most likely rely on google to give them an updated summary of who you are before they decide to do business with you.  The first thing most people will do is check you out to see who you are, if your website looks official and if they can connect with you when they see your profile pic or headshot.  It is a crucial part of your online identity. They will make a decision based on how professional everything looks to them.

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A few reasons why it is best to have a professional portrait for yourself, your website, business card and social media:

1. Makes a better first impression– Saying no to the selfie
Poor quality, blurry, pixelated, bad lighting, stretched images that you took with your selfie stick will not cut it.  It will be obvious that you were simply too lazy or too cheap to have a professional portrait taken.  People will make assumptions about your quality of work, service or professionalism. When you go on an interview you usually dress and look your best right?  So why then wouldn’t you want to be shown at your best to those who may hire you or your services?  Prospective clients will know that you did not invest in yourself and your business, so they may then think you will not invest in their best interest? This gives you credibility.

2. Adds a personal touch– Paying close attention to the background
This will give your future clients or customers a quick visual about who you are and what you do. Having a professional photo is a great way to establish your personal and or business brand. Your session can be customized to the best location that represents you and the tone of  your business.

3. Connect with your clients– Before you even meet them.
Having a professional image is a good way to put a face to a name, show off your personality and style. This will allow your clients to remember you. People want to do business with people, not just a company. This builds connection and trust and authenticity.

4. Be prepared– You will use it everywhere
You have probably found that at sometime in your professional career, someone has asked you to submit a copy of your head shot.  You never know when you may need one.  It is best to have one on hand so you don’t get stuck rushing to get one done when you finally do need it.  You can use it on all of your social media sites, you will use it in many ways for your website or blog.  A last minute networking opportunity on a business trip might present itself and you won’t want to miss out on it, or worse, have them see your less than desirable, or outdated image, that looks nothing like you now.

5. You deserve it-You work hard at what you do
Are you an entrepreneur, do you have a home based business, are you a blog writer, a realtor, a hair stylist, a pampered chef rep, a sales person, a jewelry store owner, an Arbonne rep, a health coach?  Whatever it is that you do, or whatever your vision may be for starting a business,  you have worked hard at it. You deserve to look your best.  Your past and future clients will love to see you in a new light!

6. I can help YOU to jump start your business and your brand by offering you an opportunity to create some personalized promotional head shots just for you.  Whether you prefer it be at your office, your salon, your home, your kitchen, or any other outside location. I can help you with this. I tend to be a laid back person, but understand that many people do not enjoy being in front of the camera.  We will work together closely to push through any fears or insecurities you may have.  I will show you on camera as we go along, some of the images so that we know if we are on the right track together, with your vision for your brand.   Invest in yourself and your business so that others will invest in you.

Start this new year off with a fresh new look. You can see more of my business promotional samples at my website here.

This is your year to shine!


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