Dancers Bonding Moments Before the Stage

Sharon Ward Photography followed this group of dancers around from Boire Dance Academy during a recent dance competition. I was so impressed with their teamwork as they prepared to hit the stage.  Aside from being “the mom” of one of these beautiful dancers, I have been lucky as “the photographer” to witness the love and compassion that has been displayed over the years as they bond together, cheer each other on, wipe away the tears, hug during difficult days, and get up and do it all over again and again multiple times per week as they prepare for each show.  This is just a snippet of photos starting about 45 mins before their stage time that I would like to share with you. I am so proud of them all.

Headliners Derry 3-7-15-1BHeadliners Derry 3-7-15-4

45 mins to showtime and we need to sew a hole under her sleeve.Headliners Derry 3-7-15-7

Sometimes it’s just all about the lipstick!

Headliners Derry 3-7-15-11Headliners Derry 3-7-15-13Headliners Derry 3-7-15-18

The never ending circle of caring for your fellow dancersHeadliners Derry 3-7-15-20

Headliners Derry 3-7-15-21Headliners Derry 3-7-15-23Headliners Derry 3-7-15-25

Waiting for skirts to be ironed

Headliners Derry 3-7-15-27

A little last minute practice in the hallwaysHeadliners Derry 3-7-15-29Headliners Derry 3-7-15-30

Headed to find a quiet corner moments before they go on stage

Headliners Derry 3-7-15-33Headliners Derry 3-7-15-35Headliners Derry 3-7-15-36Headliners Derry 3-7-15-37Headliners Derry 3-7-15-39

Love those smiles!

Headliners Derry 3-7-15-40

another smile that makes my heart melt!Headliners Derry 3-7-15-41Headliners Derry 3-7-15-43Headliners Derry 3-7-15-44Headliners Derry 3-7-15-46Headliners Derry 3-7-15-49Headliners Derry 3-7-15-52Headliners Derry 3-7-15-66Headliners Derry 3-7-15-69Headliners Derry 3-7-15-73AHeadliners Derry 3-7-15-80Headliners Derry 3-7-15-80BHeadliners Derry 3-7-15-85Headliners Derry 3-7-15-86Headliners Derry 3-7-15-62Headliners Derry 3-7-15-65

To all the dancers out there……Dream BIG, believe in yourself, work hard, enjoy the process, love the art, dance with your heart.  Repeat.


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