A mother’s heart

A mother’s heart is a bottomless pit. It always has her child’s best interest in mind.  It is an unconditional pocket of love and at the same time a bruised punching bag, that no matter what, refuses to be deflated.

A mother’s heart will take on the world when it comes to protecting her babies, it doesn’t settle to sleep until it knows that all of her ‘people’ are safe where they are supposed to be at night.

A mother’s heart knows when her child is hurting or struggling.  It has an internal radar that goes off when she feels something is wrong. It will stand in the line of fire to protect her children from the evils of the world.  It knows when the friend is a good influence or a bad influence.

A mother’s heart doesn’t judge, it yearns for happiness.  It doesn’t always know the answer to life’s most difficult questions, but it listens and loves just the same. It gives and gives without expecting anything in return.  It sacrifices the best ‘piece’ for the little stomachs at the other end of the table waiting to eat. It knows which gifts her children have been blessed with better then they do. It prays that one day they will learn that for themselves.  It rejoices when it learns her children are happy.

A mother’s heart is compassionate and understanding even when her mind wants to scream back during the volatile moments.  It is forgiving and unconditional.  It has equal parts of love in each pocket for each of her children in the same way God loves all of his children the same.

A mother’s heart connection to her children is all at once lovely, messy, beautiful, volatile and real. It knows that when her babies are grown they will one day realize how precious, wonderful, vulnerable and human their mothers truly are and always were.

A mother’s heart never stops beating for their child even when their minds, bodies and souls are a distance away.

“My greatest gifts”

Send love to your mother’s heart today….whether she is up in heaven looking down, or miles away yearning for more or right in front of you each and every day.


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